Gold in the House(tm)

Gold in the House(TM) is proud to offer a wide array of services, including:

Mobile Consignment(TM) of Goods - that means I come to you.  I market your treasures, manage appointments, qualify buyers, collect payments, orchestrate the move, and put money in your pocket.

Residential Editing(TM) - when your closets are full, your kids have kids of their own but their stuff is still in their old bedrooms, your parents have left you boxes full of things that you haven't opened in years, you need Residential Editing(TM).

Identify Items of Value - I have a great eye for finding a needle in a haystack.  If there is something of value in your basement full of boxes, I'm going to find it!  Backed by great research skills and contacts, we'll find out how to get you the most for your found treasures.  

Bereavement Clean-out - you have a lot of decisions to make when you've lost a loved one.  Cleaning out their home and dismantling their life can be an overwhelming and emotional challenge.  I have great compassion for your situation and can help see the forest through the trees. 

Orchestrate charitable donations - I'll make sure your items are picked up and donated to the charities of your choice.  I'll ensure you get receipts for tax deductions. 

Organizing Estate Sales and Community Sales - A professionally run yard or estate sale means your items will be priced right and negotiated well to get you the most "gold" for your stuff.

Edit a home for presentation on the market - Any realtor worth their fee will tell you that an uncluttered, depersonalized home sells more quickly and for more money than one that's full of your stuff.  I can help you to focus on the right things.